Welcome to the City of Watervliet NY

City of Watervliet Rules and Guidelines For Household Waste, Recyclables, Yard Waste and Debris

One of the biggest concerns of the residents of our community deals with what the experts call "quality of life issues." These issues include how household waste, recyclables, yard waste and debris are handled and in what manner people dispose of their refuse. Debris and trash on city streets detract from our neighborhoods and overall community appearance.

In order to improve the appearance of the City, the following guidelines will assist you to understand the manner in which these items are collected throughout the City. Our goal is to omit the daily eyesore of refuse on the streets and in the alleys.

Owners and residents are required to keep the streets and alleyways adjacent to their property free of rubbish and debris.

Any property owner who violates the provisions may be cited.

Household Waste, Recyclables and Debris Collection

Please place your household waste, recyclables and debris out no earlier than 6:00 pm the night before your scheduled pickup. The schedule is as follows:

  • Monday - Section 1 - South of Arsenal (9th Street) to City line (1st Street)
  • Tuesday - Section 2 - Arsenal Wall (10th Street) to 15th Street (both sides)
  • Wednesday - Section 3 - North of 15th Street to 19th Street (both sides) to include 12th Avenue, Hillside and Wiswall Avenue
  • Thursday - Section 4 - North of 19th Street to 25th Street to inlcude 10th, 11th, Glen Avenue, Ball Place, Grotto Court and Callahan Avenue
  • Friday - The City will pick up grass clippings from April through November and Christmas trees in January

When a holiday falls on your garbage day, the refuse will be picked up on the next business day.

All household waste must be placed in proper metal or plastic containers with suitable handles and a tight fitting lid. Please remove your garbage containers from the site of collection (street or alley) within 12 hours after pickup.

The City will not remove construction/demolition or large amounts of other debris. If you have any questions regarding what will or will not be picked up, please call 518-270-5093.

Illegal Dumping

Any illegal dumping of refuse in the City of Watervliet or any person who brings refuse into the City of Watervliet from a location outside of the corporate limits of the city for removal by city personnel at taxpayers' expense will be subject to arrest by the Watervliet Police Department.

To report any act of illegal dumping or illegal placement of refuse by any person, call the Watervliet Police Department at 518-270-3833 or the Building Department (Code Enforcement) at 518-270-3800 ext. 106.

Yard Waste, Grass Clippings, etc. (April thru November) and Christmas Trees (January)

Yard waste, grass clippings, etc. shall be placed out for pickup, where garbage and debris are normally placed, in approved biodegradable paper bags (plastic Hefty bags will not be accepted). All yard waste should be placed out on Thursday night for Friday pick-up. During the month of January, Christmas trees can be put out on Thursday night for Friday pick-up.

Snow and Ice Removal

The Watervliet City Charter, Section 182 states in part: "It shall be the duty of every owner of every lot or piece of land to keep the sidewalks adjoining his/her lot or piece of land at all times clear and free from snow, ice or other obstructions."